A Global EdTech Unicorn: Before, during and after COVID-19

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  • 如何吸引和留住快速增长期的新用户?

  • 如何确保在线学习方式也能持续性提供高质量的教育产品和服务?

  • 如何通过产品优势解决当前的教育难题,承担更多的社会责任?

  • 疫情过后,在线教育企业与线下学校的竞争中如何保持独特优势?

  • Agenda:

    21:00 – 21:05 开场介绍

    21:05 – 21:45 主旨演讲: 解码VIPKID的成长:如何成为全球在线教育独角兽? 主讲人:米雯娟

    21:45 – 22:25 巅峰对话及互动问答



    22:25 – 22:30 总结

    COVID-19 has caused great changes in education industry. An increasing number of offline courses have moved online, which is, indeed, an opportunity for online education companies. But at the same time, online education companies are now expected to shoulder more responsibilities, and are faced with more challenges accordingly. 

     As a unicorn company in online education industry, VIPKID is rich in experience and is undergoing the great changes brought about by the pandemic. CKGSB Global MBA Program is pleased to invite Cindy MI, Founder & CEO of VIPKID, CKGSB Global MBA alumna, to share with us her experience in the coming webinar on April 12:“A Global EdTech Unicorn: Before, during and after COVID-19”. 

     Here you canget to know 

    How will online education platforms attract and retain customers during and beyond the outbreak? 

     What can online education do to make sure the high quality education is accessible to all people? 

     Can the online education industry sustain the current boom after schools return to their offline operations?



     Opening Remarks byMr. ZHOU Li


     Keynote Speech

     "Decoding the Growth of VIPKID: An online education unicorn" byCindy MI 



     Panelists:Cindy MI,Prof. LI Yang 

     Moderator: ZHOU LI 


     Concluding Remarks